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This site is intended to showcase the paintings I’ve done. The paintings I’m doing and a place to blog when I need too. I may do drawings or polls about my art. I have some crazy ideas. And once in awhile I may Showcase my kids work as well. And even possibly post about our family time, trips, holidays, birthdays. Watch out because you maybe get to know me so much that you can’t handle it and what to be my BFF (insert laughing face).

My love of painting is getting expensive and I’ve had many people ask me what I charge for my paintings. Nothing, I paint for free. Now that I’m painting more, I need a way to pay for my hobby. Painting and art supplies are not cheap and I’d like to explore new art styles. So I decided I would make a site for everyone to see examples of my work. All I’m asking is if you can donate to help cover my costs, GREAT! If not, that’s GREAT too. No matter what I will continue paint. On the Kraft’s page, is where you will find out how you can donate. So check out the site, if you see something you like, contact me and let me know. I can also do personalized pieces. If you have a picture of it or an idea, I can most likely paint it.

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Donations will be accepted through Google Pay, Facebook Pay or you can use the link below to buy supplies. And if you can’t donate, it’s totally fine. Donations are not required for me to paint for you.

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